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Nursery Home Learning Page

Hello everyone!

The children have enjoyed making biscuits this week. We looked at what ingredients we needed, talked about textures and the changes we saw as each ingredient was added in. We have looked at pattern and symmetry, and this week we have spent making our own pattern books. We have also been consolidating all our learning from this half term. We have discussed floating and sinking, measurement, capacity and finding the total number of two groups. 

At home, the children can show you how they can a pattern. This may be using objects, symbols or colours. Ask the children to explain what their pattern is. Extension: can the children use 3 objects or colours to make a pattern?  Adult or sibling to make a pattern and then let your child predict what will come next and finish off the pattern.  

When looking at sounds and forming letters with your child at home, please look carefully at how the letters are formed and that your child is holding their pencil correctly in a tripod grip. 

Extension: if your child is confident with their sounds, see if they can begin to break down simple CVC words and put them back together again. For example, m-a-d, mad. In class we have been using the phrase 'my turn, your turn.' This helps the children to listen and focus on what the adult is saying first so that they can repeat it back to them. 


 Thank you for sending in your child's "WOW" moments. Please do continue to send them in as they are helping your child's journey in Nursery.

We will only be taking in WOW moments for Nursery, up until the end of July. We will start again in September. A new email address will follow in the new term. 

Please remember, when helping your child to write their name, please use a capital letter only for the initial letter and lower case for the rest of their name. 


 Don't forget to look at our curriculum map on the website to find out what we are up to in Nursery. 

Happy pattern making!