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We have had a very interesting week. Over the week, we have paid extra attention to Maths, in support of World Maths Day. The children enjoyed many games and it was great to see them all interacting with each other while playing the games. Our trip to the art studio was a magical experience for the children.  You can expect a little gift from your child at the end of this term! Thank you once again for the support you, as parents, give to the Nursery. 

We have planted sunflower seeds in preparation for observing their growth and these are on display in the Nursery cloakroom and will be coming home on Thursday.   

Peek of the Week

This week includes a Castleview Internet Safer Day. This is not only for the children but for teachers and parents to become aware of the ever-growing challenges of the internet. The internet is one of the most marvellous tools of our time, but we must continue to be vigilant. Take a look at our e-safety page for parents on the school website. Click here to view it.

Logo Game- This is a reading game to show awareness of print around us. Does your child recognise any signs? Such as Tesco, Sainsbury's or McDonalds?  Please upload any evidence your child shows of this onto the online journal.  

Positional Game- We will be learning words to describe where things are.

Trampoline Bounce- We will incorporate the sponsored bounce into our learning by estimating how many jumps we will do using a sand-timer.

Little Red Hen story -We will continue to learn our story in preparation for our performance during 'Open Door'.

Ways to support your child

While out and about, show your child signs around them in their everyday life.

Ask you child to collect items for you, using positional words. For example: Can you get me you socks from inside your drawer? 


Dates for the Diary

End Product - Thursday 22nd March during Open Door.

Nursery closed Thursday 29th March