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This week.......

Thank you for those who attended the Online Learning Journey meeting. I am sure you are as excited as we are to share information about your child.  Please remember when accessing your child's journal that it is for your eyes only and not to be used on any social media.  

Please now use the online journal to inform of any 'WOW' moments etc and not the class email.

If you missed the meeting, you will need to collect your password from the class teacher. These will be available during the 'Thursday Open Door' session.

Click here for instructions for the Online Learning Journey

 By now, I am sure you will have heard something about Peter and the Wolf from your child! We would love to hear what they say. You can upload this information directly onto their Learning Journey using your personal login.

Over the week the children have enjoyed: investigating the 'Ocarina'; have chosen the sounds they would like their own personal shaker to make; have begun to draw illustrations for their books and  have practiced how to jump forward a given amount. This is in preparation for playing board games.

Please note there is a list if you would like to join us on our 'Winter Walk' in the local environment. We are offering hot chocolate and biscuits to all parents (and children) upon our return.


Ways to support your child this week.

Using wax crayons to draw. Encourage drawing anticlockwise circles and colouring inside their lines. This will help with writing in the future.

Jumping a given amount up to 6 - making sure they do this with one-to-one correspondence. This will help when jumping along a number line in the future! 

Discussing and listening to music from the Peter and the Wolf story.  

Peek of the Week

Drawing Characters- learning to draw anticlockwise circles.

Jumping Maths - learning to jump with one-to-one correspondence using a board game.

Music Investigation - deciding the colours etc to paint their own instrument.

Ocarina- we will be learning to make the sound of the wolf by covering some of the holes of the instrument.


Dates to Remember:

1st February :'Winter Walk'  If you would like to join us on our trip please write your name down on the sheet in the cloakroom area.  

2nd & 9th February : Consultations will take place during the day over these two Fridays.

7th & 9th February  : Exhibition in the hall of our end product. This will consist of your child's own book of characters and their own musical instrument among other delights!!

9th February Nursery is open as normal on this day.