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Nursery Home Learning Page 


This week starts our new topic Stories for Teatime.  The children have been busy discussing and giving their ideas on what our end product will look like and all the things we need to learn to achieve this. The main focus is stories, both reading to them and the children learning to tell a story. Many of the children have chosen to tell stories and act them out; these have ranged from, saying two words or a full page story. We value all children's stories with enthusiasm.

Other focus areas have been technology, creative art and maths problem solving.

A surprise lesson came in the form of eggs! Frogs eggs! This was a week earlier than planned due to the changing weather. The children have learnt the life cycle of the frog through drama.

Why not ask them to show you?  

Other notes of information -

As the weather has changed to glorious sunshine, please put sun cream on your child before arriving at the Nursery, and provide a water bottle and a sun hat (although, we do have sun hats for all the children in the Nursery)

Nursery Summer Uniform: White Castleview polo shirt, Castleview sweatshirt and plain black trainers with plain black shorts, for both boys and girls.

We are cooking over the next few weeks, so have sent a letter for you to sign. Please return the slip by Monday.

I have tried to include all the ingredients we are using, but the children may have other ideas, if so, you may get another letter!

Some parents have reported experiencing problems uploading comments to their child's online journals; we hope to rectify it very soon, if not already done.  

Peek of the Week 

Creative Art: Kandinsky's concentric circles

Maths: Playing a game together to understand empty, full, more & less alongside counting with one to one correspondence.

Big Book: Reading a big book together to understand that we are reading words not the pictures and print direction, from left to right.

Oat Biscuits:The Three Bears have sent a letter asking the children to make oat biscuits for Goldilocks. Of course, the children will all be bringing a sample home to try!


Ways to support your child

Sunflowers: Please upload a picture of the developing sunflower and your child's comments each week.  

Frog life cycle: Your child may like to act this out using this short film.


Dates for the Diary

Open Door Every Thursday

Rocket Class 14th May all day (Nursery closed for Rocket class 15th May) 

Comet Class 15th May all day (Nursery closed for Comet Class 14th May)


Nursery as normal 25th May (Only the school closes early on this day)