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 Year Five Homework Page 




Welcome to your Year 5 Homework Page! 

12th January 2018

This weekend you will need to continue creating your John Williams booklet. If you haven't started researching yet, you are going to have to ensure that you have researched and started your project by Monday 15th at the latest. All of the information on the project is included in last week's homework update which can seen below. 


Autobiography  Illuminate Notify
Commitment Intensify Impatient
Involuntarily Accessible   Reapply
Compromise Exemplify Simplify
Overcomplicate Lengthen Deactivate  
Misinterpret Immediate Uninterested
Duplication Approximate Hopeless
Unattached Advertise Straighten
Illiterate Exercise Mystify
Abnormality Disinterested Unopened

5th January 2018

Hello Year 5! It has been wonderful hearing about your lovely holidays after having you back this week. 

Your homework for the following three weekends is to produce a project on John Williams. This project should be an A5-sized  booklet containing lots of information on the composer. You have a variety of things that you could add to it:

- A biography 

- Photographs

- Lists of works

- Films he's worked on

- Posters (perhaps try and draw a copy of one or two of his film posters?)

- Greatest achievements

- A drawn picture of John Williams

- Interesting facts

- Family life

- A timeline of his music/his life/his achievements

- How did he become so talented? Was it a natural talent or did he have to work hard?7

Remember what you have learnt in Computing about plagiarism - include a bibliography of any websites you used at the back of your project!

Your project is due on the 22nd of January. As we are giving you three weekends, you can spread your work over each weekend/week. Don't rush to do it all last minute or you won't be achieving your best. We look forward to seeing what you produce! 


Mortgage Psalm Knight
Campaign Obscene Heir
Crescent  Wreckage Plumber
Disciple Knuckle Knife
Archives Rhyme Debt
Succumb Doubt Guard
Scenario Muscle Yolk
Receipt Thistle Wrong
Disguise Wrapper Guess
Fluorescent  Moisten Folk