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 Year Five Homework Page 



Welcome to your Year 5 Homework Page! 

17th November 2017

Year 5! :-) Your homework this weekend is to prepare and bake your cakes/biscuits/cookies ready to be brought in for the Street Party on Wednesday. Your baked goods can be brought in on Tuesday and Wednesday so they are fresh for our guests. In addition, you need to make an A4 placemat for our guests that will catch any crumbs! These placemats need to be WW2 celebratory/victory-based to put a smile on their faces e.g: the Union Jack; balloons; bunting; tea and cakes; party poppers; or people dancing. These are just some ideas!

We look forward to seeing your culinary creations next week! Have a lovely weekend. 


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Conscience Government Strength
Language Rhyme Circle
Sufficient Bargain Length
Conscious Guarantee Suppose
Leisure  Rhythm Complete
Suggest Bruise Library
Controversy Harass Surprise

10th November 2017

Hello! We hope you enjoyed our exciting trip to the cinema yesterday to see Moana. It was something different that the teachers also enjoyed.

Your homework this weekend is to find a recipe for a cake, little individual cakes or biscuits for our Street Party. Please bring the recipe in on Monday. You could also take time this weekend to practise baking the recipe of your choice if possible. You are going to be making the actual cake (for our party) the following weekend of the 17th November. If you manage to do a practice this weekend, try and take a picture so that we can all see! 

Please do not choose a recipe that contains any nuts due to allergies.  


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Signature Favourite Centre
Communicate Variety Island
Individual Relevant Century
Sincerely Average Knowledge
Community Frequently Various
Interfere Restaurant Certain
Soldier Awkward Knight