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As our show closed its curtains for the final time on Thursday, for homework this week please write a review (one side of an A4) of the production, including your thoughts and emotions on how it went now that it has come to an end. 

Subheadings to consider:
- What you enjoyed about the process - auditioning, rehearsing, acting in front of an audience?
- How you felt - during the audition, in front of an audience?
- What your favourite part was?
- How you felt before, during and after our production?
- What was your favourite scene? Who is your favourite character?

You will share your reviews on Monday with the class. 


Group A: vegetation, situation, pollution, correction, domination, construction, abbreviation, abomination, autosuggestion, carbonation.

Group B: revolt, revolution, attraction, operation, domination, situation, pollution, revolution, correction, affection.

Group C: separate, separation, complicate, complication, imagine, imagination, revolt, revolution, attract, attraction.

Remember, homework can be sent to the following email addresses:    /     / 

Thank you for your continued support.