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Welcome to the Year Six Homework Page


Please don't forget to bring in a carrier bag as we will be sending work home all week.   

Could those of you that have not brought in your Nursery/Reception picture please either bring it in for it to be scanned or take a photograph and send it to your class email address.


Song lyrics 

Please do your best to learn the words for our Leavers' Assembly song. Click here for the lyrics.



Below is the 'Latest Craze' poem we are reading for our assembly.  Please learn your lines ready for rehearsal on Wednesday.


Miss Williams, Miss Williams, what time is break?

By Year 6, you’d think we’d know, for goodness sake!

Question after question – it’s how we get our kicks

However, there have been some other trends throughout year 6



First, here is a sneaky clue: it should be on our table

We should be able to keep it still, however, we’re just not able

You’d be surprised to know, that its primary use is sipping

You’ve guessed it: it’s the tedious, incessant bottle flipping!



What stationery do we need? Just a pencil you would think.

However our smiggles are big enough, to carry the kitchen sink!

Don’t bring this stuff in to school, we were told time after time,

Yes that’s right…you’ve guessed it! The homemade gooey slime!



At Christmas we busted some moves, along to our favourite music

It ended with an almighty dance off, won by super-smooth Isaac

The Whip nae nae was one of, our favourite moves to make

But we must not forget, the awesome Harlem shake!



We used to do this next thing all the time till it was banned

It’s a silly dance move where we have to raise one hand

The teachers didn’t like it – but we thought it was fab

Not the moonwalk or the running man, no – the year 6 dab!



Our teachers said that, years ago, this used to be quite cool

Back when cards were trendy and you had to ‘catch ‘em all!’

But now….”there is an app for that”, and everyone’s a pro

Remember when we were obsessed with Pokemon Go?



There was a phase when everyone, would say “Jeff – that’s my name!”

That 9+10 was 21 (Poor maths – that’s such a shame)

Our teachers didn’t mind this one (at least it hushed our din)

We’d suddenly stop in our tracks for challenge mannequin!



Then, in a flash, SATs came and went: “It’s over!”  we all sighed

Once Summer term was underway, these fads seem to subside

The teachers thought these trends had gone (“Aren’t we onto a winner?!)

But shops just sat and laughed at that, as they sold the Fidget Spinner



On our residential to the Isle of Wight, the boys made up a new game

Whilst we all had a wonderful time, it really was a pain!

“But did I?” “But are you?” we’d hear all day long

Irritating questions that gave a headache to poor Ms Armstrong!



As expected, loads of fun, was created with technology

Gaining fame and making fans lipsyncing with

Taking selfies and having fun using the latest apps

Swapping faces, adding filters using ‘face swap’ and snapchat!



‘Harambay’ and ‘fresh trim’ were some sayings of year 6

With silly noises, crazy moose and cool dude finger clicks

Some have been giving out free hugs, trying to spread some joy

Others caught the ‘chin chin chant’ started by a certain boy.



‘I’m in me mum’s car’ and ‘need some milk’ were some popular vines

The teachers though had no idea, obviously a sign of the times.

Supervising Year 6 on indoor break became a bit of a palava

As we developed a brand new game called ‘ The Floor is lava’!



 These crazes may have been and gone but there’s so much more to learn

The teachers will await the fads of their days to return

Toys or fashion, turns of phrase, we’ll have to wait and see

And, as we move up to year 7, what will the next one be?


Andy’s coming!… (Toy story pic on screen)