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Year Two Homework Page


Friday 12th January 2018

This week the children were enthralled by the visit from the theatre company.  They performed 'The Firebird'.  The theatre company  played all of the characters and there were just two of them!  They used a few hand-made props and managed to create a horse out of a piece of billowing cloth.

Well done to the children who have learnt a poem, there were some wonderful recitals of poems, complete with actions.

In English we have been learning one of the Baba Yaga tales and the children have been thinking of their own adjectives and expanded noun phrases to enhance the story.  In Maths some children are learning to read and tell the time to o'clock, half-past, quarter past and quarter to and others are looking at multiplication and division.  

Spelling Test - this will be done on the 19th January 2018


Group A and Group B

Group C

Group D

1.     gallop

1.     gloomy

1.     gloomy

2.    deadly

2.    cruel

2.    scary

3.    frightening

3.    gallop

3.    cruel

4.    ungrateful

4.    unhelpful

4.    spoilt

5.    mysterious

5.    fateful

5.    fateful

6.    careless

6.    horseman

6.    they

7.    quietly

7.    magical


8.    unexpectedly

8.  candle


9.    dazzling



10.  beautiful



11.  magical




In the Baba Yaga story which we are learning, the character Vasalisa has a magical rag doll.  We would like to you make your own rag doll for Vasalisa.  The following link will help you to make one.  This will reinforce our previous learning of instructions and help the children to use their imagination whilst creating their own rag doll..  To accompany your rag doll, you can complete a ‘character card’ describing the doll’s personality and give reasons why the doll has these characteristics.  The doll can be any size, we would encourage you to use material that you already have at home.

For example:

generous – She is generous because she shares her sweets.

ungrateful – He is ungrateful because he takes all his treats for granted.

You will have 2 weeks to complete this task, homework due in on the 26th January.

Mathletics tasks have also been set.  If you have any problems logging on, please let the teacher know.

We would like you to read another traditional tale from another culture and fill in the sheet that your child has been given.  Discuss with your child any similarities or differences that you might notice.

From the Year 2 Team