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Year 5 Condover Hall Residential Trip


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Tuesday 18th April – Day 1

We have had a fantastic day and the weather has been amazing.  The coach journey was fun and there was no traffic. We had a great stop over where the children had a picnic in the sun before the final quick journey to Condover Hall. The children were very excited when they saw the magnificent building and grounds.

The children all had a site tour and a fire drill before they went to their rooms – very exciting! They have done their first activity this afternoon – orienteering, tunnelling, abseiling and many more.  The children are all happy and have been very enthusiastic.  They all ate a good dinner and are currently taking part in the evening activity, ‘Egg Protector’, before some more free time in their rooms before bed! 

The WIFI isn’t very strong so we will just update the website with a blog each day and will put all the photos on when we are back.

More tomorrow…..

Wednesday 19th April - Day 2

We have done a lot today!  Most children slept very well last night despite many discussions of midnight feasts etc.  All woke up this morning with smiles and were excited for the day ahead.  We have been so lucky with the weather, it again has been really lovely.  The food has been fantastic and all your children have eaten a lot!  The chocolate croissants and cooked breakfast were a particular favourite!  Everyone has tried so hard with the activities today and really challenged themselves.  They have been on the 'Aerial Trek', 'Wet and Wacky', climbing, abseiling, orienteering, doing a laser maze, tunneling and many more activities!  They have all eaten another great meal at dinner and are just off to 'Mini Olympics' before getting ready for bed and then lots of sleep hopefully!  More of the same to follow tomorrow..... 

Thursday 20th April - Day 3

Today has been jam packed full of activities!  

The children all slept well last night and were raring to go this morning. They have climbed, jumped, tunnelled and 'laser mazed' their way through the day. Lots of groups had 'Wet and Wacky' which they loved as it was lots of fun relay races in their indoor shallow swimming pool. The children are all happy and are enjoying their time and looking forward to telling you all about it tomorrow. We are having a camp fire tonight and the children have been practising their talents for this evening too. The food has, once again, been delicious with each child having a full tummy after every meal! We have another activity in the morning before eating lunch and then heading off back to school to arrive by 5pm. If we are going to be late, or early, we will text you. If you don't hear from us, see you in the hall at 5pm where the children and staff will spend 5-10 mins telling you about their trip before going home to sleep (that's the children and adults!). We're all having a fantastic time and the children have been a pleasure to take away. See you tomorrow.

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