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Friday 20th April

 Welcome back. We hope you all had a restful break. 

This week we started our new topic, My Wonderful World and Me. The children have been discussing their holidays and the places that they have been to. We then made comparisons about their holiday destination and the home in which they live in. The children were able to talk about the similarities and differences within the environment.  We also went on an environmental walk and discussed all the natural and man-made objects that we could see. The children then compiled two lists and placed the objects in the correct lists. 

This week,  the children could to take another environmental walk within their local area with their family. The children should be able to identify the objects around them as being natural or man-made. The children may take some photos, which can be uploaded to their online journal. Click here to go to the learning journey login page.

(If you have lost your login details please email or ask one of the class teachers and we are happy to give you another copy.)

Today your child has got a new library book.

Here is a reminder of what to do with the library book;

  • Discuss the front cover, talk about the title, author and illustrator.
  • Play ‘find the…’ in the pictures and words (find the yellow boat, find the sound m)
  • Enjoy the story
  • Discuss what might happen next
  • Discuss the feelings of the characters
  • Talk about the beginning, middle and end of the story.   

Please bring this library book back EVERY FRIDAY.


Have a lovely weekend!