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Friday 17th November

Thank you for everyone who attended our book making workshop over the last couple of weeks.

This week’s homework will be a continuation of last weeks. Please have a go at making a book at home with your child. Using the class story maps can your child draw the pictures of the story and write a sentence underneath.

We have been writing new stories together, based on structure of this story, with a slightly different situation or character. You could discuss different elf story ideas together. Try changing the shoemaker to a different type of character - how would this effect the story line? For example, the Elves and the Baker; The Elves and the Builder; The Elves and the Puppet maker.




Don’t forget to practise the red words; the, I, no, into, she, he. Can you say them? Can you find them? Can you write them? Can you use them in a sentence?

Please send us your WOW moments on; 

Today your child has got a new library book.

Here is a reminder of what to do with the library book;

  • Discuss the front cover, talk about the title, author and illustrator.
  • Play ‘find the…’ in the pictures and words (find the yellow boat, find the sound m)
  • Enjoy the story
  • Discuss what might happen next
  • Discuss the feelings of the characters
  • Talk about the beginning, middle and end of the story.   

Please bring this library book back EVERY FRIDAY.


Have a lovely weekend!