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This term, the Digital Leader team visited Langley Grammar to take part in a Robotics workshop.  Everyone was very excited about the trip, especially when it was revealed that this was the first time this session had been delivered. Therefore, Castleview were the first primary school in Slough to use the brand new Spheros robots!

The session started with some unplugged activities. Firstly, a quiz looking at patterns in the natural world, although the concept was very simple, it proved quite challenging! The children then moved on to creating their own repeating pattern based on a simple square. As you can see, Year 6 were very pleased with the patterns they produced for Mrs Jenkins.

Then on to the part everyone had been waiting for, time to make friends with Spheros. The children worked their way through a series of progressively more difficult challenges focussing on how Spheros moved. They controlled the movements from an app, on an ipad. The app required them to write a series of instructions using a drop and drag programming language similar to Scratch. Considerable resilience was required as Spheros did not always move in the way the children expected! Consequently, the Digital Leaders had to debug and retest their code constantly to perfect their robot’s moves. The session finale involved adapting their robots so they could carry a pen and draw a square in a designated area. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and all the children, along with Mrs Chandler from Year 6, agreed that they had learnt a lot about robotics from the session. A huge thank you to Mrs Jenkins for inviting us.




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