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Nursery Home Learning

What an amazing week we have had in the Nursery this week!

Our trip, though a little wet, was a good experience for the children. Talking to the children over the next few days about the trip, showed how much they love these new adventures. 

Our Open Door must be the best one EVER! The children were fantastic, and so brave in retelling this half term's topic story. There was lots of emotion, from both the children and yourselves. The children gave the mugs they had made for you, with pride showing on their faces. BUT... the best faces of the day were when the delivery arrived from the Easter Bunny!  The children's faces were a dream to watch, as the box was opened. 

Thank you all for taking the time to join us, it made it extra special!

Home Learning

Please continue to use the links below to support your child in the 10 sounds we have been learning. 

 Single sound phonics and letter formation: click here

Link for Phonic cards, if you wish to purchase them:

Click here

m click here 

 s click here

t click here

i click here

n click here

p click here

d click here

a click here

click here

o click here

Maths: Ten Town, Please use this to support your child's number recognition and formation.


Well-being Mascot Design

Your child would have brought home a folder, with the information, and a boarded sheet for them to draw their design on. 



Thank you to those who helped out over this half term, joined our Open Doors and for the continued support you show to both your child and the Nursery!

Have a fabulous break!

The Nursery Team