Castleview School

"Science is simply the word we use to describe a method of organising our curiosity."

- Tim Minchin


Key Documentation:



Our Vision at Castleview


At Castleview, we aim for all of our children to be inquisitive throughout their time at our school and beyond.  Our Science curriculum encourages our children to be naturally curious about our universe and promotes respect for their surroundings.  As a school, through an enquiry-based approach, our children have opportunities to build on their prior knowledge and apply their skills through our lessons. 


Curriculum Overview


Please follow the link below to see how our Science curriculum aligns with our Geography and History curriculum.  Our long term plan has been carefully thought out to enable our children to embed their understanding of the key learning objectives associated with science. 

Progression in Science


Please follow the link below to view a breakdown of the key objectives and how the learning progresses throughout our children's time at Castleview.  Furthermore, these objectives have been broken down into chemistry, biology and physics. 

Supporting your child at home


As always, we would encourage you to support the children’s learning at home and revisit concepts that they have studied at school in order to aid consolidation.  These websites are great tools for you to utilise in order to do this:


Explorify UKNatural History Museum Nasa Kids' ClubBBC Bitesize KS1BBC Bitesize KS2STEM Learning


British Science Week


Science week is taking place between the days of 11th and 20th March this year.  Nationally, there will be a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths.  The theme this year is 'growth'.  Below are some links to support Early Years, KS1 and KS2 during this fantastic time. 


Early Years Support Primary Years Support


We celebrated our very own Castleview Science Day on Thursday 17th March 2022.  We were thoroughly impressed with how enthused the children were and how much knowledge they were able to impart of their amazing projects!