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          Year Four Homework Page         


Homework 18th May - Please continue with your Science booklets. There are also spellings which will be tested on Friday morning (25/5/18).

Your homework for the next two weeks will be to research either:
(i) an explorer, (ii) an inventor or (iii) a discoverer.

Once you have researched your chosen person, you should then create a fact file, detailing who they are, why they are famous and what they achieved. 

During our Science Fun Day, you will have the opportunity to present your fact file with the class.


Group A: 
height, believe, naughty, address, grammar, possession, possible, separate, February, quarter, enough, famous, favourite, various, disappear.
Group B: 
different, material, occasionally, caught, library, island, perhaps, answer, forwards, pressure, suppose, opposite.

Group C: 
guard, guide, centre, early, earth, position, appear, learn, arrive, difficult, often, strength.

Remember, homework can be sent to the following email addresses:    /     / 

Thank you for your continued support.