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Year Four Homework Page


Friday 7th December 2018.

Christmas around the World.

For your homework this week, please choose two contrasting countries and research how Christmas is celebrated. 

Points of interest to consider:
- Any traditions?
- Food that is eaten?
- Decorations?
- Do they have a Christmas Song?
- How do they say "Merry Christmas" in their language? 
- Do they celebrate Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day? Which day is the most important to them? 
- Do they have any religious gatherings e.g. Midnight Mass? 

Once you have completed your research, please create an A3 comparative poster, detailing any similarities and differences you find. 

Children will present their posters next week.

Gentle reminder:  *Please ensure that homework is completed and brought into School on Monday unless otherwise stated.* 


Spellings will be tested on Friday 14th December.

Group A: couple, tough, roughly, jealousy, various, southern, adventurous, numerous, glamorous, infectious, melodious.

Group B: courage, nourish, couple, tough, flourish, southern, encourage, roughly, jealous, marvellous.

Group C: couple, rough, cousin, courage, nourish, famously, encourage, various. 


Times Tables:

Each week, we would also like you to learn a times table. This week we would like:

Mr Tamimi's Maths group to learn the 4 and 8 times table (and the pattern between answers when divided by 10 e.g. 8 x 0.4 = 3.2); and Miss Lewis's Maths group to learn the 11 and 12 times table. 

Children will have a short written times table test during their Maths lesson each Friday