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 Year Four Homework Page
After having spent 39 weeks - 195 days(!) - with your class and teachers, it's now your final week in Year 4! We hope you have enjoyed learning this year as much as we have enjoyed teaching you. Together, we have created memories which will last a lifetime...

...for this last week, could you please prepare a poster, entitled, "Year 4: My Memories".
Using sub-headings, you should include brief information on at least 5 of the following points (the more the better!):

- What you will miss most from Year 4
- What you are most proud of from this year
- Something challenging which you overcame
- Your funniest memory
- Which responsibilities you had
- New friendships you have made
- What advice you would give to the Year 3s who are moving into Year 4
- Your Targets for next year (academic and personal)

You will present the poster to your class on Monday 16th July - we really look forward to seeing them!

To Note:

- Please bring in a large carrier bag on Monday so you can take home all of your year's work
- There will be no Spellings for the final week:

Remember, homework can be sent to the following email addresses:    /     / 

Thank you for your continued support.