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Year Six Homework Page


Hello Year Six,

* please bring in as many spare newspapers and magazines as you are able to
for a special Art Project on Monday*

First and foremost, a huge WELL DONE to all you children for your incredible efforts this week. You have shown an amazing enthusiasm to improve lesson after lesson and have done yourself proud in this week's SATs. These tests are just a small glimpse of just how amazing you all are.


And's Show Time!

In the coming week we will begin Auditioning for roles in our upcoming show, The School of Rock! We have provided Scripts for some parts below. There are many other parts in the show too. Pick an Extract, have a go practising the lines and give it your all in the coming week. We will use your auditions and our knowledge of how amazing you are to cast all of the parts in the show.

Even if you don't fancy one of the names below, just have a go practising the lines in one extract. It will give you confidence and give us a good picture of what other role you could be amazing in.

Extract 1 - Dewey, Ned, Patty

Extract 2 - Summer and BandKids

Extract 3 - Dewey (alternative choice)

Extract 4 - Rosalie Mullins and Parents

We will be watching School of Rock before your auditions in school. If you wish to look at any clips over the weekend, do feel free.

Well done again! We look forward to seeing you next week

Year 6 Team


Homework Days:

Monday - Reading
Tuesday - SPAG
Wednesday - Reading
Thursday - Maths
Friday - Topic

PE/Games Days - Monday and Thursday

Maths Passports

We will leave all your Passports below so you can refer to them should you wish: 

Globetrotter Passport
The Lost Island Passport
Atlantis Passport
Space Station Passport
Mercury Passport