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Year Six Homework Page

Hello Year Six,

With the start of the Summer Term, is also the start of one of the most exciting topics at Castleview: Viva Brazil! In this term we will be learning about this fascinating country and its vibrant culture. We will be getting hands on and experiencing many different elements from: Art, Clothing, Dances, Traditions, Music and much much more!

Your first task of this term is to use an A4 sheet to design the front cover for your Brazilian Topic Books. When considering what to do, think about iconic images and colours which would be asociated with the country:
- What colours are typical of Brazil?
- Are there any famous landmarks?
- What does the Flag look like?
- Which animals is Brazil known for?

You need to write the title Viva Brazil on your page. You do not need to write your name. Please bare in mind that a label will be stuck on the top left of the page with your name and class - so don't have any really really important features in that corner.


We can't wait to see what you come up with!
Enjoy your weekend
Year 6 Team

Maths Passports

We will leave all your Passports below so you can refer to them should you wish: 

Globetrotter Passport
The Lost Island Passport
Atlantis Passport
Space Station Passport
Mercury Passport