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Year Six Homework Page


 Friday 17th May 2024

Hello Year 6!

You were fantastic this week - as you have been all year. Big sigh of relief, the SATs are now all done (even the fake one!). For the remainder of the term, Year 6 will focus on several very exciting, very creative projects. The first of which is your long-awaited Year 5/6 Show of…


~ ~ ~ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ~ ~ ~


To get the ball rolling, please have a look at the below Audition Extracts. We would like for you to:

1) Pick a couple of characters to audition for
2) Pick a script to practice
3) Watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory if you can, to get a feel for the characters
4) Come in on Monday ready to give it your all!

#1 - Narrator, Mr Bucket, Mrs Bucket, Grandpa, Grandma, Charlie

#2 - Reporter Tom Brady, Augustus, Veruca, Violet, Mike

#3 - Wonka, Violet, Veruca, Charlie, Mike

#4 - Wonka, Charlie, Grandpa Joe

As with any show, there will be a part for everyone! There may be a few parts that lots of people go for – so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get exactly what you were hoping for. There are lots of roles – and every role is essential for the show as a whole to come together.

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork


 We will see you on Monday 😊

Have an amazing weekend
Team Year 6





Please find attached the Year 5/6 Spelling List. Every week, we will test a random selection of these words. Incorrect words are written in the Home School Diary and should be revised:

Year 5 and 6 Spelling List 

Year 5 Reading ListYear 6 Reading List

Polite reminder:

Please find a schedule for the children's homework on a weekly basis.

Monday and Wednesday - Reading homework (Diaries to be signed)

Tuesday - SPAG homework set on Atom Learning due for Wednesdays

Thursday - Maths homework set on Atom Learning due for Fridays

Friday and Weekend homework - Science or Topic related (set on website and verbally discussed with children on a Friday typically due in for Mondays) 

Thank you for your continued support.

Maths Passports

We will leave all your Passports below so you can refer to them should you wish: 

Globetrotter Passport
The Lost Island Passport
Atlantis Passport
Space Station Passport
Mercury Passport