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  Welcome to Year 3 Homework Page



Friday 5th April 2019

Children performed beautifully in front of their own class, sharing their research and knowledge of the rain forest. Many even prepared a Power Point presentation which was really impressive to see.

During half term, we would like children to write diary entries for 3 consecutive days. Please encourage your child to include time connectives, and examples of language techniques such as powerful adjectives, verbs, similes, metaphors and alliteration to make it exciting to read.

Children should try and edit their work to check for grammar and punctuation.
The diary entries can be hand written or word processed.

For an overview of next term's learning, please refer to the Year 3 Curriculum map for more information.

The following homework is optional:

We are calling on all budding designers to create a MHWB (Mental Health and Wellbeing) mascot for our school. The MHWB team would like to turn one winning design into a mascot and place it in different areas around the school to help raise the profile of positive mental health.

How will you design your mascot to link to positive mental health? What will your mascot feel like?

Will it be soft and cuddly? Will it have lots of bright colours? The choice is up to you! Good luck and have fun!

Please can all designs be given to your class teacher during the first week back after the holidays.


Purple Mash/ Times Table Rockstars/Languagenut

The children were given Maths homework this week to complete over half term. 

Please encourage your child to visit Purple Mash or Times Table Rockstars to consolidate their learning, as well as Languagenut.  There are also additional Maths websites that they might like to visit which can be found under the section for children on the school website.


Group A Group B Group C Group D
  • island

  • fruit
  • length
  • learn
  • busy
  • imagine

  • increase
  • opposite
  • height
  • certain

  • knowledge
  • knowledge

  • grammar
  • particular
  • peculiar
  • disappear
  • century
  • occasionally
  • pressure

  • peculiar

  • particular
  • century
  • medicine
  • knowledge
  • pressure
  • experience
  • accidentally

Please practise these spellings, ready to be tested on Friday 26th April.

Times tables

Please encourage your child to practise their times tables to increase confidence and fluency.

Have an exciting Easter Break!

Year 3 team.