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Year Three Homework Page


* Message from Mr Tamimi *

Dear Mini-Mathematicians!


Do you love playing games? Do you enjoy showing off your learning? Would you like a chance to compete against the WHOLE OF ENGLAND? Well – I have some great news for you!


To celebrate International Maths Day, I have enrolled Castleview School into an exciting Math Competition! Starting from Friday 17th March until 23rd March, classes from across England will be competing on Sumdog to get as many correct answers as they can. The questions are totally unique to you, so you don’t need to worry about the questions being too tricky or too easy – just do your best and have fun with Math 😊 Your teacher has more information.


I will be giving certificates and prizes to the best classes in the school (encourage everyone to take part!) and also the best players across the school. Enjoy


Bray & Dinton Residential
Please see the document below for information regarding our exciting residential taking place in June 2023. There is still an opportunity to join us if you haven't already made a deposit. If you would like to come, please make a non-refundable deposit of £55 via Scopay. 

Bray & Dinton Residential 2023


Yr 3 and 4 Show Homework

Please practise learning the words to the songs for our show.  The lyrics are attached below.


A message from Ms Steele: 'Please play the following tracks when practising the lyrics!.  These are the songs we have learnt so far.  Wonderful World will be added after half-term.'

I'm Late Down Down Down I Wish I hadn't Cried So Much Caucus Race Croquet Song



Science Revision Homework due Monday 27th March 2023

In preparation for your Year 3 Forces and Magnets end of unit quiz, can you please spend time over the next two weeks revising all the knowledge you learnt in the Science lessons using the Knowledge Organiser that was given to you by your teacher. You can also find a link to the Knowledge Organiser below




Each evening please read aloud to a member of your family.  Remember to talk about the book.

What might happen next?

How do you think the character is feeling? Why do you think that?

What happened in the story?

Can you find a word that means the same as ............?

What is the definition of .........?  If you don't know, can you find it in the dictionary?

Did you enjoy the story? Why?

Have you read a different story that has similar themes in to this story?

Remember to refer back to the text when answering the questions.

Please bring your reading book and home school diary into school every day as we like to hear you read at different times during the week.

Reading books will be changed on a Monday, as long as it has been indicated, by an adult, in the home school diary that you have read. 



Please practise the spellings for the group you are in, to be tested on a Friday.




























Times tables 

This half term the children will focus on the times tables 2s, 5s, 10s, 3s, 4s, 6s and 8s.  Learn these times tables forward, backwards and out of order.  Please use times tables rock stars to practise.  Your log in is the same as your log in for the computers at school.  On a Friday, each week, the children will have a times tables test to prepare them for their times table check in Year 4.


Maths Passports

You have been given a maths passport which you will need to bring to and from school each day in your school bags.  It is a tool that will help you become fluent in your times tables and related division facts.  Please practise the skills, once you have practised, a parent can test you and sign it if you complete it rapidly – a parent can only sign off two out of the three boxes as an adult within school will sign off one of the three boxes.  We will be using the passports during our morning activities on various days and during our maths lessons on a Friday.  Please do not rush the tasks, they are to be completed over a period of time to ensure you are fluent before moving onto the next maths passport.


Please ensure that an adult signs your diary, in the space provided at the bottom of the right page, each week to show that you have completed your homework.


Thank you to all who attended the Year 3 workshop.  We hope you found it useful.  The links below will contain the workshop power point presentation, a timetable for Andromeda and a timetable for Orion.  If there are any questions that we can help with please come to see us and we will help as best we can.


Year 3 workshop

Andromeda Timetable

Orion Timetable


For information on what the children will be learning in each subject this term, please refer to the following link to the Year 3 Curriculum Map Spring 2 


Year 3 Team