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Welcome to the Year Two Homework Page 

Friday 22nd September 2023

Year 2 email address: 

 A reminder that PE/Games will be on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. The children can come into school dressed in their games kit on these days.

Your child has been given a bags2school collection bag. Please fill this with any unwanted clothes and bring it to school from Monday 25th September.

Homework will be set every Friday and must be handed in by the following Wednesday (unless otherwise stated). Please make sure all homework is completed in pencil. 

ENGLISH:  In English we will continue to learn about homophones and near homophones. In particular will be learning how to use their, there, and they’re. For homework this weekend we would like your child to complete the ‘their, there, and they’re’ worksheet. This homework is due on Wednesday. The following link will explain how to use these words.,vid:ho_ZapK0ADE,st:0 


Group A & B: when, why, who, where, prove, past, diary, blaze, everyone, child

Group C: when, why, who, where, past

Please continue to encourage the children to include each word in a different sentence, to demonstrate that they understand how to use the word in context. Remember to underline the word that they have included in a sentence. The children will bring their spelling books home on Friday, so that you can see their spellings scores, however, please make sure the children bring their spelling books to hand in to their teacher on Mondays. Children will be tested on these spellings every Friday.


MATHS, please encourage your child to practise their 2, 5 and 10 times tables, as well as their number bonds every day.

READING: As mentioned previously, your child will be building up a range of reading skills. They should have strong phonics knowledge and growing comprehension skills, which will help them read more broadly, confidently, and fluently. Please encourage your child to read for at least 10 minutes each day. 

TOPIC: As part of our ‘Great Fire of London’ topic we will explore why the fire spread so quickly, and we will compare fire engines 'then and today'. For homework we want the children to be creative and create a 3D fire engine out of recycled items (boxes, tubes, materials etc). They can colour or paint their fire engine to make it look more realistic. A local firefighter will judge the fire engines. This homework is not due until Monday, October 16th. We look forward to seeing their creative designs.

Useful website:  

COMPUTING: The children have been given their Purple Mash login details. They have stuck them in the back of their home/school diaries.

Mrs Harris is encouraging our children to touch-type during their computer lessons. Would you kindly ask them to practise this. Click on the links below to help them. 

Artificial flowers/plants: Jupiter class would like flowers for our flower garden book corner and would appreciate it if you have any artificial plants/flowers that you can donate to us, please ask friends and families too.

Remember to look at our Curriculum map each half term to find out about what we are learning in each area of the curriculum and to support your child's home learning. 

Have a lovely weekend.

from the Year 2 Team.