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Friday 5th Apri, 2019

MATHS Worksheets sent home (SATS practice).

READING: Roald Dahl comprehension worksheets and answer sheets sent home (SATS practice).

SPELLINGS: The majority of the children have spelt most of the last week's spellings wrong, therefore we would like them to learn them again. Please explain the spelling rules(below) to your children.

One-Syllable Word Ending 'Consonant, Short Vowel, Consonant.'When a one-syllable word ends in 'consonant, short vowel, consonant', double  the final consonant when you add a suffix. For example:

c/v/c – consonant/vowel/consonant

o = indicates a short vowel

rob – rob/ber

sit – sitting

stop – stopped

drop – dropped

grab - grabbing

Group A and Group B 

Group C

patting, patted, humming, hummed, dropping, dropped, sadder, saddest, fatter, fattest, runner, runny

Please continue to encourage your child to use their spellings in a sentence. Remind them to use capital letters and full stops.

dropping, dropped, sadder, saddest, fatter, fattest

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Have a lovely Easter break.

from the Year 2 team