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Year Two Homework Page


Friday 13th July 2018

This week we watched the wonderful Year 6 show.  Goodness what marvellous acting and singing and some characters even spoke in an American accent.  In Science we have been learning about food chains and identifying the producer, consumer, predator and prey.  Maybe you could try and think of some different food chains.  What do you notice is always at the beginning of the food chain?  We also got into the spirit of the football.  The English team did very well and we spoke about how proud we should all be of them. The best thing the team could do was to show some Castleview spirit and pick themselves up, dust themselves off and keep practising for the next World Cup.  How old will you be when you next see the boys play?


Spelling Test 

There will be no more spellings for this term.  In this week's spelling test some children found Edinburgh a bit tricky and some children did not remember the capital letter.  Why does Dublin have a capital letter?



The sun continues to shine and there is still Wimbeldon, so all is not lost!  During the weekend have a think about the things you have enjoyed doing in Year 2, what memories have you made?

Please can you provide your child with 2 carrier bags for your child to take all their marvellous work home.

Don't Forget

On Wednesday, as a surprise for Miss Nolder, everyone is being asked to dress up as a cricket player, or, if not, wear sports clothes with as much white on as possible.

Lost Cardigan

Please coud you have a look to see if you by any chance have Jasmine Sunner's cardigan at home.  She has lost two, one has a scalloped edge and her names are in both (tape).

Enjoy the weekend.

Year 2 Team