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The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.

Theodore Roosevelt

Key Documentation:

Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement 

National Curriculum Programmes of Study


Our Vision at Castleview

At Castleview, we aim for all of our children to be curious throughout their time at our school and beyond. Our history curriculum encourages our children to be naturally inquisitive about our world both now and in the past. As a school, through an enquiry-based approach, our children have opportunities to build on their prior knowledge and apply their skills through our lessons.


Curriculum Overview

Please follow the link below to see how our Geography and History curriculum form the basis for our topics. Our long-term plan has been carefully thought out to enable our children to embed their understanding of the key skills and knowledge. It links with all subject areas in our school.

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Progression


Supporting your child at home:


As always, we would encourage you to support the children’s learning at home and revisit concepts that they have studied at school in order to aid consolidation.

These websites are great tools for you to utilise in order to do this:

 BBC Bitesize History KS1  BBC Bitesize History KS2 History for Kids National Geographic for Kids - History The British Museum


Enrichment at Castleview:


At Castleview, we aim to enrich our History Curriculum to ensure it is accessible to all. Therefore, we organise trips, workshops, topic days and even a residential to offer them first hand experiences to enhance their knowledge and understanding.