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“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body”
Joseph Addison

Key Documentation:

Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

National Curriculum Programmes of Study


Our Vision at Castleview


At Castleview, we would like our pupils to become life-long readers, reading for enjoyment and to acquire greater knowledge of the world around us.



Through our Reading curriculum, we equip our pupils with the skills to be effective readers, reading not only for pleasure and to immerse themselves into a book; but to also acquire knowledge and inspire their inquisitiveness. We aim to ensure that Reading is a high-profile subject, which all children are excited for and approach with a positive attitude. By the time our pupils reach the end of Key Stage 2, they should be lifelong readers, entering KS3 with a passion for reading.



We aim to provide a stimulating and dynamicenvironment, where children can interact with books, print and spoken language.

We promote enjoyment of a wide range of genres and encourage children’s own interests. We place great importance on ‘reading for meaning’.  As reading is a complex skill, we do not limit the children to one approach. We use a diversity of methods, matching them to each child’s needs. Children use their reading for learning across the curriculum and we develop their skills in reading through a variety of learning experiences.

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Progression


Supporting your child at home:-


Here are some great book recommendations you could look at:-

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Please also follow the link below for reading tutorials to support your child:-

Reading Tutorials


The following are useful methods you could use to support your child's reading:-