Castleview School

The Castleview Curriculum


 Curriculum Aims for Castleview School  

In choosing and planning the curriculum which pupils at Castleview will study, there are three key aims. These are that the curriculum should:

  • provide opportunities for all pupils to learn and achieve in an exciting and stimulating environment;
  • promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and prepare all pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life;
  • equip pupils with the skills and personal qualities to enable them to become successful and effective members of society in the 21st century.

It is with these aims in mind, that the curriculum topics and learning opportunities planned lead to, and culminate in, an end product or event through which the children can showcase their learning. When planning, teachers ensure that the curriculum creates opportunities for the following strands:

General Ethos

1a: Enjoyment and fun; creating happy memories

1b: Love of learning

1c: Friendship and community


Relating to Self

2a: Self-esteem and confidence

2b: Reaching potential

2c: Developing a sense of spirituality

2d: Being healthy


Relating to Others

3a: Understanding and developing relationships

3b: Teamwork

3c: Global awareness and responsibility

3d: Cultural Appreciation


Managing Learning

4a: Improving your own learning and performance

4b: Communication

4c: Application of number

4d: ICT                                                                                             

4e: The Arts and Sport

4f: Thinking Skills

4g: Creativity, problem solving and enterprise


Managing Situations

5a: Managing conflict

5b: Managing disappointment

5c: Managing time and resources

5d: Managing risk and uncertainty


(Curriculum aims and ethos established following a visit to the Wyche School in Malvern, 2013).