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Junior Duke of Edinburgh Expedition!


On Thursday 11th & Friday 12th June, 10 adventurous children from Year 6 participated in a ‘Junior Duke of Edinburgh’ experience, in partnership with 10 children from Ryvers School and experienced Duke of Edinburgh leaders from Langley Grammar School.  The ‘Junior D of E’ was designed to emulate some of the activities and experiences that young people (aged 14-24) might undertake if doing the real Duke of Edinburgh Award, and indeed, to give our Year 6 children a taste of what might be involved. 

Following some basic meal planning and a discussion about what they would need, some of the children took a trip to Sainsbury’s to purchase their provisions for the two days. 

With rucksacks at the ready, the adventurous bunch set off to the Pheasant’s Hill campsite, (Hambledon), near Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire.  When both schools had arrived, the children played some ‘get to know you’ games and then it was time to put up the tents!  The children worked in teams and the tents were soon erected, albeit some better than others! 

In no time at all, it was time for dinner!  The children had agreed on pasta in tomato sauce with salad.  But first, they had to learn how to use the trangias… and how to cook with methylated spirits!    Working in small groups, the children became pasta master chefs and produced a very tasty dish which everyone, including the adults, enjoyed.

The fun wasn’t over…there was washing up to be done!  Everyone chipped in and everything was soon tidied away, ready for the morning. 

The children then went off into the nearby woods to gather some firewood for the campfire, around which they played some lateral thinking games and drank a warming cup of hot chocolate.  Then it was time for bed.  Where had the day gone?

Next morning, we were up with the birds (well some of us were!) and it was time for breakfast.  After a scrumptious bowl of Cocoa Pops and a chocolate brioche (the children’s choice!), it was time to make our packed lunch.  The children soon had an almost military-style operation organised, and everyone was sorted with their necessary provisions for the hike.

Before that though, the tents had to be taken down; an easier mission than putting them up!  Mr Pascall from Langley Grammar then led the children through the route of the hike using an Ordinance Survey map of the area, and the children took notes of special features that might help them.

The intrepid explorers set off on their journey; a supposed 5km circular walk through farmland and woods.  A few hours later, and after a few unplanned diversions, they returned, having completed approximately 6 ½ km, very proud of their achievement!

All in all, everyone had a great time!  The children met some new people, did some things that they hadn’t done before and learned some new life skills! 

Looking forward to the next time!