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Thursday 14th July 2022

This week, Year 6 took part in an Internet Safety Workshop in preparation for secondary school. It was led by Google’s Internet Legends, who specialise in reaching out to primary schools in preparation for transition. Our pupils took part in the workshop where they were faced with a range of scenarios and conundrums, enabling them to reflect on how to stay safe online. They learnt how to keep their password safe and secure and why this is so important. Castleview got many shout outs from the team and thoroughly enjoyed the talk, eager to find out more. It was very interesting and it was a great experience for them.

Wednesday 8th June 2022

Alan Mackenzie Visit

The Year 5s and 6s had the pleasure of an Online Safety Consultant, Alan Mackenzie teaching us the the importance of how to be safe online.  He enlightened the children with the gravity of how your words can affect others behind the screen. They went away highly informed.  

In the evening, Alan Mackenzie delivered his first face to face parent talk at Castleview after three years!

The Digital Leader team kicked off the event with an introductory presentation about their online lives with a snap-shot into the games, activities and influencers they follow.

Alan educated parents on the four areas of risk children face online: Content, Contact, Conduct and Commercial. He outlined the current platforms that children are using, followed by a final section on steps parents can take to help protect their children online.

The talk was well-attended and we received positive feedback to say how insightful the talk was. We look forward to welcoming even more parents next year!

Please find below the link to Alan Mackenzie’s parent presentation:-


Tuesday 8th February 2022

Safer Internet Day!

This  year's  theme  was  'All  fun  and games?  Exploring  respect  and  relationships online.'  The  Digital  Leader's  got  the  day started  with  an  amazing  assembly.  All  children  from  Nursery  to  Year  6  took  part  in  a range  of  activities  with an  online  safety message. 

Here are the highlights:-


Friday 28th January 2022


Our new 360 degrees online safety plaque arrived in school this week! It will be displayed in reception. This was awarded to Castleview after our 360 Online Safety Mark review last month.

“Castleview remains at (and in many places above) Online Safety Mark benchmark levels.”

Tuesday 14th December 2021

360 Safe Online Safety Mark 

At the end of the term, we underwent a reassessment of the online safety provision we provide at School. We were delighted to receive our latest report which confirmed that Castleview has been awarded the 360 Online Safety Mark for a further three years.

The report noted that Castleview remains at (and in many places above) Online Safety Mark benchmark levels.

In addition, the following positive comments were made by the assessor.

  • There is much evidence of greater maturity in the online safety provision and it is pleasing to read of the many developments that have taken place.
  • Staff and Governor training is being effectively carried out.
  • There is also an impressive list of training opportunities provided for the Online Safety Lead.
  • There is a very strong contribution from the pupils in the Digital Leader team. It is good to hear of their important role in the school, but also to note their activity out of school, presenting at conferences and being featured in articles.
  • I can confidently say that the commentary for the Community aspect is one of the strongest and most comprehensive I have read in any 360 review.


Thursday 9th December 2021

Be Internet Legends Day

We had an amazing live assembly from 'The Parents Zone' at Google.  Classes across the school had a fantastic time learning about online safety! The assembly was followed by a Digital Well-being lesson which ended with a riveting quiz. Each year group then continued with an hour of tailormade activities.  All in all, it inspired the children to be safer and more confident online explorers.  

Well done to our Castleview Internet Legends!