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EYFS Parents Online Safety


More and more children from a younger age are using electronic devices. The following statistics are from Ofcom Children and Parents Media and Use Attitudes report 2018 for children aged 3-4 years:

  • 1% have their own smartphones, 19% have their own tablet
  • 96% watch TV on a TV set, for 14 hours a week
  • 30% watch TV on other devices, mostly on a tablet
  • 36% play games, for nearly 6 1/4 hours a week
  • 52% go online, for nearly 9 hours a week
  • 69% of these mostly use a tablet to go online
  • 32% watch TV programmes via OTT services (such as Netflix, Now TV or Amazon Prime Video)
  • 45% use YouTube, 80% of these say they use it to watch cartoons while 40% say funny videos or pranks
  • 1% have a social media profile


As a school we often put YouTube and website links on our curriculum maps and homework pages to enhance your child’s learning. However, it is important to be vigilant when working alongside your child. The following recommendations are from


  • Put yourself in control. Make use of the parental controls available on your home broadband and any internet-enabled devices. You can find out how at your broadband provider’s website or by visiting
  • Search safely. Use safe search engines such as or Safe search settings can also be activated on Google and other search engines as well as YouTube. You can find out more at
  • Set boundaries. It’s never too early to start setting rules about when and for how long your child can use devices and start to introduce the subject of internet safety at the same time. Encourage children to use devices in a communal area, keep other devices out of reach and use passwords so they can’t go online without asking you first.
  • Explore together. Set your homepage to a child-friendly site such as CBeebies and give them a user account which only allows access to sites and apps you’ve chosen.
  • Help them learn through games. Games are a great way for young children to explore the internet and learn about the world around them. You can choose safe, fun and educational games free of charge from providers such as Fisher Price or about their favourite characters like Peppa Pig


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