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Year 5 Condover Hall Residential Trip


Final Condover Hall Meeting 2018

Kit List 2018

Take a look below at what we have been doing. 

Condover Hall - Day 1

We have had a fantastic first day and all the children have been brilliant. We had a lovely stop over for lunch and the children had fun all playing outside before completing the final part of our journey to Condover Hall. We arrived here at 2pm and the children immediately went to their rooms which was very exciting! They have all done their first activity of Aeriel Trek, Conquest Laser game, Abseiling or Survivor and they all had a brilliant time. 

Dinner was delicious and they have all eaten well. The children loved having some free time in their rooms before the camp fire.  Here they enjoyed singing songs, listening to stories  and showing off their talents.  The children all came back to their rooms and were ready for lights out at 10pm where they all settled quickly.  They have all been brilliant today and a total pleasure to be with.  

We are all up at 7am tomorrow morning for a fun filled day of 5 activities!  


 Condover Hall - Day 2

What beautiful weather! The sun has shone here and the children have had another excellent day. We were up early (some much earlier than others!) for breakfast and all ate well. All the children then took part in 2 activities and they all had fun, challenged themselves and learnt what they can do when they really put their mind to it. Another delicious meal was had at lunch followed by another two activities. The children have really had a fantastic day and are full of talking about all the fun things they have been doing.  Dinner was yet another scrumptious meal and the sun was still shining for our evening activity of 'Egg Protector'.  This was great fun and after an hour and a half of team work with lots of laughter, we made our way back to our accommodation.  The children had some free time in their rooms before lights out at 10pm.  A few rooms even asked to have their lights our earlier as they were tired!  All children were asleep quickly and are excited about the fun they will have tomorrow.  


Condover Hall - Day 3

What another fantastic day! All the children are excitedly getting ready for the disco having eaten pizza, wedges, lasagne etc for dinner. The children have abseiled, climbed, tunnelled and done many, many more activities. They have really pushed themselves and have been surprised with what they have been able to achieve! We have all been very proud of them too. They have all behaved very well and the instructors are enjoying their company.

We are off to the Silent Disco soon and then the fun and games of packing takes place!

They are all looking forward to telling you everything they have experienced this week.