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Reception Home Learning Page 


Welcome to our Home Learning Page!


Activity 1: Change the price tags at your shop and you have a go at buying different items.

Activity 2: Draw a picture of your favourite memory of Venus/Pluto Class… it might be being in the classroom or outside area, why not draw the classroom or garden? If it’s being with your friends that you enjoyed then why not draw your friends.

Activity 3 & Activity 4: Enjoy your weekend! Please see attached some extra resources…no pressure though!




Activity 1: Following our conversation from yesterday about your great memories from Reception or being at home. Can you write a sentence or a couple of sentences about what you have enjoyed about Reception? Maybe you could draw a photo to go along with the writing. Have a look at the writing frames below, choose one to complete.





Activity 2: Get a few of your toys out and make price tags for them. Invite someone to your shop and see if they pay with the correct money!



Activity 3:

Venture off into the garden or on a walk and collect natural objects that could be used to make a face. See the photos below for different ideas.

Activity 4:

Lets have a dance! Do you remember the moves of these songs?

Reach for the stars -

Head and shoulders -

Move and freeze -

Dinosaur stomp -

Lets go heroes -



Activity 1: What have you enjoyed most about Reception or being at home during the last 2 terms of school? Please take a look through tapestry at photos from September. Here is a list of all the different topics we have done. The trips we were able to go on and the fun things we got up to! Get someone to write down your memories and thoughts.

 All about me - Real life super heroes. Little Street -  Celebrations - The wonderful world and me - Animals around the world - Stories - Summer 

Activity 2: Can you write down how much you need to buy the different items? Which coins will you need? Can you add them together to work out the total? What does the number sentence look like?


Activity 3:

Check out the Real PE website below scroll down to Day 23 – Seaside Day 3

The website address is: 
Parent email:
Password: castleview 

Activity 4:

Can you use your toys to make a face? Or select different items around the house to help you make a face. Who’s face are you going to make? See the photos below for inspiration!


Activity 1: look at the summer pictures on the PowerPoint and discuss the relevant topics/ questions.


Activity 2:

Listen to this song -

Identify the different coins in the jars. Can you use these coins to find out the totals? Can you make your own amounts up using coins?



Activity 3:

You should now be able to log in. 

Check out the Real PE website below scroll down to Day 23 – Seaside Day 2

The website address is: 
Parent email:
Password: castleview 

Activity 4:

Can you draw a picture of your family? Make sure you include lots of detail, remember the pointers we gave you yesterday.



Happy Monday! 

Week 6 of summer term, how are we here already! 


Activity 1: Summer – think about everything you have learnt about the summer over the last 5 weeks. You might want to write them down, talk about them or draw a picture. 

Activity 2:

Take a look at the coins on the powerpoint you have any likes these at home? Do you know what they are? What they represent? Have a look and see what coins you can identify. If you don’t have these coins at home do not worry…you can make your own on paper or print out the last slide and cut them out.




Activity 3:

Check out the Real PE website below scroll down to Day 22 – Seaside Day 1

The website address is: 
Parent email:
Password: castleview 

**We are unable to log in currrently at school, I have emailed them for advice. Therefore these log-in details may change**

Activity 4:

Can you draw a self-portrait? You choose the media form you would like to use, you could use pencil, pen or crayons. You might like to use big paper, little paper. Look closely in the mirror or at a recent photo and draw yourself. Don’t forget your ears and eyebrows! Look out for different shapes that are on the face…and make sure you include these in your drawings. Such as a head is an… the eyes are… the nose looks like a..???