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Reception Home Learning Page    


Welcome to the Homework page!



Christmas has arrived at Castleview! This week, we looked at the Christmas Story.  I wonder if your child could tell you about the characters in the story?  We have made decorations for the classroom, and decorated the Christmas tree.  These were on display at our Christmas Fayre. 

Thank you for attending the Christmas Fayre. If you were unable to come, you will still be able to buy your child's handmade gifts on Monday (£3). 

In the lead up to our Reception celebration, we would like you to talk to your children about what they enjoy about Reception.  This weekend, can you decorate some bunting? Can your child draw a picture of themselves in Reception and write about what they like most about Reception?  Please find attached template, or make your own (size of an A4 piece of paper). We will collect all of the triangles together and make some bunting to hang up in the classroom. 

Please click on the link below

Bunting Template

Next week, we will be heading to the Pantomime ("Oh, yes we will!").  Please discuss the up-coming trip with your child.  Please note, we will be arriving back at school at 4:30pm. On Thursday, we will be having our Dragon Workshop and our Reception Celebration.  Please refer back to the letter for more details and, if you haven't already done so, please return the reply slip. 

Have a lovely weekend. 


Some children seem to be getting confused between the reading books and the library books. 

Every FRIDAY your child changes their library book with an adult, who writes the title of the book in their yellow diary. They only change these books every FRIDAY. Just a reminder - please ensure the library book is brought back every Friday to ensure a new one can be issued.

Every week, we change your child's reading book or set reading challenges such as learning 'red' words.  There is no fixed day when your child's reading book is changed. Remember to read it lots of times with your child to build their fluency, discuss the plot and picture, and ask questions to check their understanding.

Please keep the Reading Record (yellow) Book in the book bag and share both books with your child, encouraging them to tell the story, ask questions, look at the pictures and to find the sounds. 

Thank you

Have a lovely weekend!