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Reception Home Learning Page    


Welcome to the Homework Page!


 This week we learnt lots about plant life, supported by our brilliant trips to Amersham Field Studies Centre; it was a lovely way to finish a term of learning about appreciating the natural world. The children had a wonderful time.

Over the holidays, please do short but regular bursts of reading, writing and number work to build on the great progress they had made this half-term.  


Some children have been sent home with word cards to help support them with building their blending and speedy reading of word sets that they are being taught in their phonics lessons.  All the children have 2 reading books and a library book - please read with and to your child, particularly focusing on discussing the text, predicting what might happening next, making inferences etc.



You might like to ask your child to write some sentences about any exciting day trips they have or write a postcard if the go on holiday.


Please support your child with exploring the activities available on Ten Town, using the log in details that you were given recently.


After half term, we will be focusing on learning and innovating classic stories and fairy tales, so you might like to read some of these over the holidays in preparation.

We hope the children enjoy a well deserved break and look forward to another exciting term.


Many thanks for your continued support. 

The Reception Team



We are calling on all budding designers to create a MHWB (Mental Health and Wellbeing) mascot for our school. The MHWB team would like to turn one winning design into a mascot and place it in different areas around the school to help raise the profile of positive mental health.

How will you design your mascot to link to positive mental health? What will your mascot feel like? Will it be soft and cuddly? Will it have lots of bright colours? The choice is up to you! Good luck and have fun!

Please can all designs be given to your class teacher next week. This homework is entirely optional.



Every FRIDAY your child changes their library book with an adult, who writes the title of the book in their yellow diary. They only change these books every FRIDAY. Just a reminder - please ensure the library book is brought back every Friday to ensure a new one can be issued.

Every week, we change your child's reading book or set reading challenges such as learning 'red'

Please keep the Reading Record (yellow book) in the book bag and share both books with your child, encouraging them to tell the story, ask questions, look at the pictures and to find the sounds. 

Thank you

Have a lovely holiday!