Castleview School

Year 3 2022-2023

Bray Lake and Dinton 2023

Bray Lake Day 1

Dinton Day 1


Bray Lake Day 2

Dinton Day 2




Year 3 have been learning about pentatonic scales in music during their 'Japan' topic, and created ostinato patterns using the pentatonic scale to accompany a traditional Japanese folk song 'Momotarosan',  The song is from a well known story, and the children can now sing the song with 2 verses in Japanese.  The accompaniment was further embellished with a drum and Indian bell ostinato.  On Friday 26th May 2023, Year 3 performed the song to their teachers in the hall, and this was videoed







This term, the Year 3 children have been learning about Amazon Forest tribes in Music, and learning songs from an ecological musical written in collaboration with the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) called ‘Yanomamo’.  These songs include ‘Forest People’, 'Jaguar’ and ‘Yanomamo!’.  We made a recording of the children singing these 3 songs, which you can hear below.